Monterey Pass Road Water Main Repairs

Project Manager: Ziad Mazboudi

Start Date: March 2023
End Date: Dec 2023

In December 2023, the City completed the emergency waterline construction project on Monterey Pass Road from Vagabond Drive to Floral Drive.  The project included the construction of two parallel waterlines, replacing all water services, fire lines, fire hydrants and backflow devices.  The original waterline was over fifty years old and was a cement lined steel pipe, that had been breaking regularly, resulting in water shutdowns affecting nearby businesses.

The new waterline is a C900 pipe, which is a PVC pressure pipe, manufactured to meet the needs of modern municipal water systems. 

The newly installed system provides various interconnects and a connection to the Vagabond pump station, which will result in a more robust and dependable system to serve the nearby residents and businesses. 

City staff worked closely with the contractor to keep businesses informed of the progress regularly and to update and coordinate when a shutdown was planned to avoid and minimize impact.

The project resulted in the following:

  • Installation of 10,740 linear feet of 12-inch pipe
  • Installation of 24 fire hydrants
  • Installation of 3 interconnect pipes
  • Replaced 69 new commercial water services, 21 fire services and installed 12 new backflow devices
  • Replacement of new storm drain pipes
  • The project was completed with ZERO accidents and with minimal impact to local businesses

Paving of Monterey Pass road is anticipated for Spring 2024.

Questions or Concerns

If you have questions or concerns about this project, please contact the Project Manager, Ziad Mazboudi at (626) 307-1320. 

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