Arterial Corridors

Key Arterial Corridors

Key arterial corridors form the visual frame of the city. These major streets are the paths of movement from which most residents and visitors experience the community. Streets given high priority as elements for upgrading the city's image include Atlantic Boulevard, Garfield Avenue, Garvey Avenue, New Avenue, Monterey Pass Road, and Potrero Grande Drive.

Along these key arterials, community image can be readily enhanced and reinforced by the repetition of distinctive streetscape elements, including:

  • Street Trees
    A well formulated street tree master plan for all major arterials and attendant management policies to monitor, maintain, replace, and augment the city's street tree inventory should be prepared.
  • Underground Utilities
    The existing overhead utility lines contribute to the visual clutter experienced along key arterial streets. The lines also limit tree species and pruning height. A program to place utilities underground along key streets would facilitate street tree planting and eliminate unsightly clutter.
  • Street Furniture
    A preferred style of street furniture and fixtures, pole masts, and arms for street lighting, signalization, and signage, bus shelters, benches, bollards, news racks, planters, and tree grates should be selected to typify the city.
  • Enhanced Paving
    A distinctive enhanced paving style for selected crosswalks and median paving should be identified and specified as part of a phased program of right-of-way improvements.
  • Graphics and Signage
    A consistent graphic style for all public signage, including size, lettering, colors, symbols, and logos, should be developed. Banners can also be used to reinforce the sense of "entry" into the city.
  • Lighting
    Distinctive nighttime illumination along major arterials to be considered include accent lighting for landscaping and key landmark buildings, decorative pedestrian lighting fixtures, and the use of high pressure sodium bulbs to create warm illumination tones.