Year 2020 Environment

The Land Use Element indicates that Monterey Park will accommodate limited growth through the year 2020. Accompanying this moderate growth will be a moderate increase in traffic volumes citywide. Traffic volume increases represent the only anticipated measurable new noise source in the community over the long term. Land use policy discourages heavy industrial uses and similar business activities that produce noise.

2020 Environment Plan

Potential future ambient noise levels can be estimated by modeling. Figure SCS-5 (PDF) displays projected year 2020 noise contours based upon future traffic levels. The city will experience very little change in ambient noise levels due to traffic. For planning purposes, the change will be imperceptible. Along most of the roadways included in the noise model, the increase of noise exposure from the General Plan in comparison to the baseline year is extremely small.

One perceptible noise increase is along Potrero Grande Drive between Markland Drive and Arroyo Drive. Higher noise levels in this area are due to increased traffic along Potrero Grande Drive resulting from redevelopment of the OII landfill site and Southern California Edison properties. No new residential uses are planned along Potrero Grande Drive.