Cherry Blossom Festival 2021 

The Cherry Blossom Committee invites you to join our Cherry Blossom Festival Virtual Event from April 16 - 23, 2021 as Monterey Park's Tribute to the Beauty of the Japanese Culture. Here are some clips from past Cherry Blossom events for you to view.

* Cherry Blossom CPRS Award Video

* Taiko Drums 

* Mochi and Manju Demo 

* Storigami

* June Kuramoto & Hiroshima 

Virtual Event April 16 -23, 2021

Planned and coordinated by community volunteers, the Cherry Blossom Festival strives to provide a cultural arts event that offers a forum for learning, entertainment, fun, and support of community.

The 2021 Cherry Blossom Festival Committee and the City of Monterey Park are pleased to present the 24th Annual Cherry Blossom Festival - Virtual Event on April 16-23, 2021. Free to the public.

For more information, call 626-307-1388 or email

Cherry Blossom Festival
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