Financial Data Transparency Tool

One of the City's on-going goals is to provide the public user-friendly access to its financial data. In the City's website, the City publishes the adopted budget and the annual comprehensive financial statement. This Financial Data Transparency Tool, powered by, provides employees and residents alike with the ability to see the City's current budget and four prior years of actual revenues and expenses. The users are able to manipulate the data by viewing charts and graphs or downloading the information into an excel spreadsheet.

The Financial Data Transparency Tool allows you to explore budget and historical finances in a simple graphical user interface.

Tips on How to Use the Tool

Here are some general tips on how to use the Transparency Tool:

  • There are five different types of visual representations of the data - a percentage graph, a stacked graph, a line graph, a pie graph, and a bar graph. You can change the view by type at any point by simply selecting the different type of graph.
  • The main view includes a chart or graph, a legend and various controls to view expenses by departments out of various funds.
  • To focus on specific data - like a fund, department, expense type, or any combination - look to the left and use the menu on the left side panel.
  • The title of the chart or graph you are viewing is on top along with the account type selector. You can use the filter to see the data that is of most interest to you.