Where can I get info about LA County COVID-19 Testing?

For information about COVID-19 mobile sites, home testing, popup sites or other programs, please visit LA County COVID-19 Testing or call 211.

LA County Department of Public Health has also provided the following advisory: Please do not call 911 to request testing for COVID-19 and please do not go to an emergency room unless you are seriously ill and require emergency care. If you have respiratory illness and want to know if you should be tested for COVID-19, it is best to call your health care provider or, if you don’t have a provider, contact L.A. County by calling 211 or visiting www.211la.org for help finding a clinician near you. The City is in communication with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health to ensure that public officials are taking the appropriate action to protect the public against the spread of the coronavirus.

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4. Where can I get info about LA County COVID-19 Testing?
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