How can I get more information about avoiding eviction?

The City has received inquiries regarding the eviction of tenants during the COVID-19 emergency. The following orders from the Governor of the State of California contains some information regarding tenant evictions, and there may be other and additional orders that may be issued by governmental entities (the City of Monterey Park has not issued any orders regarding evictions):

Additionally, California Penal Code Section 396(f) may provide relevant information depending on your particular circumstances:

There may be additional information available for landlords through the California Apartments Association and for tenants through the Western Center on Law and poverty and the Calif. Business, Consumer Services and Housing Agency.

You may also contact  the L.A. County Disaster Help Center for additional information about landlord – tenant issues. Call 833-238-4450; email; or visit

The City is providing all of the above links as they are a matter of public information. Nothing in this information should be construed as, nor is intended to be, legal advice. This is simply information regarding the topic. Tenants and landlords should consult their own legal counsel regarding their unique situations.

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