Salary Schedule

Elected Officials

Elected OfficialMonthly CompensationOther Monthly Meeting Compensation (See Below)
City Council$500See Below
City Clerk$500N/A
City Treasurer$500N/A

Elected officials for the City of Monterey Park are:

  • 5 City Council members (1 serves as mayor and 1 serves as mayor pro temp, with a 9.5 month rotation)
  • 1 City Treasurer
  • 1 City Clerk

All elected officials receive a $500 per month compensation. The council member serving as the mayor receives an additional $200 per month.

Other Compensation

City Council members also serve on various regional and community organizations as liaisons for the city. There are currently 12 associations / organizations requiring a city representative. One organization, the Los Angeles County Sanitation District, mandates that the mayor be the council representative. The alternate representative has traditionally been the mayor pro tem. District 2 and District 15 represent boundaries in the City of Monterey Park. District 2 meets every second and fourth Wednesday and District 15 meets every fourth Wednesday. The mayor or mayor pro tem attending the meeting receives $125 per district for a total of $250 per month.

Elected officials are offered medical, dental, vision, and life insurance coverage. Elected officials also receive city paid public employee retirement (PERS). City Ordinance 1910 (PDF) (regarding city council, city clerk, and city treasurer salaries) may be viewed online.

Non-Elected Official Salary Schedule