Reservation Fees

Rental fees for reservation of recreational facilities are as follows. In addition to rental fees staff, insurance, police security, and a refundable deposit may be applied. These additional fees are subject to the nature of the event, estimated attendance and city policy. Except for Langley Center Main Room reservations, all fees are due within two weeks of receipt of written confirmation. For Langley Center Main Room a $300 deposit is due upon submission of an Application For Use Of Facilities (PDF) form.

FacilityCostCapacityAdditional Information
Community Room at City Hall$112.60 per hour50 people
Langley Center Main Room$140.85 per hour260 people
Langley Center Kitchen$39.10 per hour

Indoor facilities at Barnes, Garvey Ranch, Elder, Sierra Vista Park and Langley Center$112.60 per hour50 - 100 peopleLimited amount of tables and chairs are available for use.
Amphitheater Stage at Barnes Park$140.85 per hour400 permanent seats availableLawn space available for seating. Additional fees for use of indoor facility behind stage.
Basketball Gymnasium at Barnes and Elder Parks$112.60 per hour
Basketball and volleyball play only.
Service Club Building at Barnes Park$140.90 per hour

Service Clubhouse information
Sheltered Picnic areas $101.80 per shelter
Please view Shelter Picnic Shelter Reservation Policies.
Softball and Baseball fields at various parks$40.10 per hour without lights
$44.50 per hour with lights

Additional Fee Information

  • Staffing fee is $22.80 per hour.
  • Current insurance fees for low hazard events in 2020 are approximately $150 where projected attendance is 51 persons or less, and $250 for events where 51 to 500 people are expected to attend. Low hazard events include social gatherings, parties, speaking engagements, meetings, exhibitions, etc. Moderate hazard events such as dances and concerts (not rock, rap or heavy metal), stage shows, political and religious activities, etc., are subject to higher fees.
  • Users are required to pay a cleaning/security deposit of $300 to $500. This deposit shall be refunded three to five weeks following the date of the reservation provided the facility is clean and no additional cost associated with the reservation are incurred by the city.
  • A set up fee of $50 to $100 shall be charged to groups requiring special set ups. A limited number of tables and chairs are available at city facilities. Users may bring additional tables and chairs at their own expense.
  • Groups who include multi-dates on their application are required to pay for all dates in advance.