Electronics Recycling

Electronic Waste

Electronic waste are electronic products that are at the end of their useful life. Computers, televisions, VCR's, stereos, copiers, cell phones, and fax machines are common electronic products. Unfortunately, electronic discards are one of the fastest growing segments of the nation's waste stream as it is often cheaper and more convenient to buy a new machine that provides the newer generation of technology than it is to upgrade the old one.

What To Do With Electronic Waste

Computer monitors, televisions, and other electronic equipment should not be disposed of with regular garbage. Working TV's, monitors, computers and other consumer electronics can be sold or donated. Non-functioning TVs and computer monitors should be recycled by an organization equipped to handle them.

The County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works has special collections throughout the year at various locations within the county. If you are not able to attend a special event, certain electronic recycling companies provide pick-up service from the convenience of your home or business. Charges may apply. For more information, contact eWaste Center at 323-837-9950, or Cal Micro Recycling at 909-467-4800.

Additional Electronics Recycling Programs

  • Best Buys will accept used electronics and appliances. For more information, visit the Best Buys website.
  • If you have electronics that are still usable, list them on LACoMAX, the countywide on-line materials exchange or on CALMAX, on-line state's online materials exchange.
  • Contact the computer manufacturer (or the manufacturer of your planned replacement computer) to see if they have a take back program.
  • Recycle your cell phones by mailing them to Keep California Beautiful, Inc (KCB). KCB is a nonprofit organization. Cell phones are recycled and refurbished and sold to third world countries as alternatives to expensive new cell phones.
    • Keep California Beautiful
      3914 Murphy Canyon Road
      Suite A 218
      San Diego, CA 92123

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