Outdoor Walls

The current standard of a maximum of four feet, or in some cases, four and one-half feet, is implemented to provide not only a type of security for the property, but also to insure visibility for safety reasons. One aspect to promote police personnel safety is not to hinder or obstruct their full sight of a scene. Officers may not be readily able to view a situation if walls six-feet or higher are present.

Aesthetic Wall Purposes

Another reason for lower wall heights in the front yard is for aesthetic purposes. Residential character incorporates pleasant and well-maintained environments, promotion of neighborhood unity and a desire for an acceptable level of quality of life. High walls in the front yards have tended to be construed as unfriendly barriers and targets for graffiti.

If you are considering the placement of a wall or fence in the front yard, please stop by the City Hall to submit a simple site plan and wall elevation for planning clearance prior to starting the work.