Verdugo Dispatch

VerdugoAbout the System

You call 911 and the dispatcher answers the phone. "Please send the paramedics. My husband just collapsed while we were eating dinner."

The voice on the other end of the line used to take your name and address, then send a paramedic unit to your location. Currently, the voice on the other end of the line is a dispatcher who has received emergency medical training and certification. These dispatchers will not only take your name, address, and dispatch a unit to your location, they will also stay on the line with you to guide you through all of the steps you may take to help your loved one, while you await the arrival of the fire paramedics.

Working Together

The Monterey Park Fire Department has been a member of Verdugo Communications since February 1, 2005. Located in Glendale, Verdugo specializes in fire / emergency medical dispatching and performs this service for 10 cities in the San Gabriel Valley.

Since the passage of Proposition 13 in 1978, neighboring cities in California have worked cooperatively to share their fire and paramedic resources during times of need. By way of example, during the Metro-link accident in Glendale, Glendale's fire and paramedic resources were committed to that incident. Yet, the heart attacks, fires, and traffic accidents that normally occur in Glendale still required fire and medical resources.

In a pre-determined plan, cities surrounding Glendale responded personnel and equipment to staff key Glendale fire stations. Monterey Park, as a member of the Verdugo system, will reap the benefits of such sharing of resources.

During major incidents, where resources from many jurisdictions are working together to mitigate problems, it is critical that they be able to speak with one another. Through a grant, Monterey Park Fire Department was able to purchase all new radios and mobile data computers that allow them to communicate with units from the other nine cities that are part of the Verdugo system.

Verdugo is a model system, one studied by many others. It will provide a great service to Monterey Park and will greatly enhance the department's ability to deal with large incidents, medical calls, and times of large call volume.