Plan Review & New Construction


It is also the Fire Prevention Division's responsibility to work closely with the Community Development Department to review new construction and remodel plans to optimize buildings and life safety.

All new construction permitted through our city Building Department within our city is reviewed by the fire marshal to ensure that plans meet applicable fire and life-safety requirements. Improved fire codes and new construction review is one of the primary ways that the fire service has seen a tremendous reduction in the number of fires and fire fatalities in the United States over the past 30 years.

What to Submit

As part of the process of obtaining a fire safety permit, applicants must submit three sets of complete plans for the installation of fire sprinklers, fire suppression systems, fire alarm systems, and tenant improvements. Both fire sprinkler and fire alarm plans must also contain three sets of hydraulic calculations and standby battery calculations, respectively.

Plans must include the inspection address, the State of California Certification Number of the installer / tester who will be present during the test, proof of workman's compensation insurance, and present the pocket license at the time of plan submittal.

If the person submitting the plans is not the holder of the pocket license, a letter from the holder of the pocket license must be submitted with the name of the person submitting the plans and the permission to submit plans.

Inspections & Fees

Plans shall contain all information required by the appropriate code or NFPA standard. Generally, the average inspection turn around time is 10 to15 business days for most submittals. For fire sprinkler systems, the fee varies according to the designated total number of sprinkler heads and is based on an hourly fee. This fee includes the plan check, underground and weld inspections, hydrostatic tests (if applicable), and rough and final inspections.

For all other fire systems, a fee will be assessed and includes all appropriate tests and inspections. Additional inspections or plan re-submittals (due to non-compliance) may require additional fees. For more information concerning plan checks, call 626-307-1308.