How to Recycle

Assorted bottlesRecycling Service

Athens Services collect recyclables along with trash but do not take material that is harmful to the environment. This material that is referred to as hazardous waste must be taken to either a special collection event or a permanent collection facility. Residents also have the option of taking their recyclables to an appropriate collection facility that will pay them for the items, contribute the items to a charitable cause, or reuse the items for a specific beneficial application.

Click here to view Athens' "What Goes Where" Recycling Guide. 

Recycled Materials

Beverage Containers

In California, you are entitled to receive money back for glass, plastic or aluminum beverage containers with the words CRV.


To benefit local kids, Wheels For Wishes tows away, auctions off, and recycles old cars free of charge and proceeds go to Make-A-Wish Greater Los Angeles. If you have an old, broken down car, truck, SUV, RV, motorcycle, or boat to recycle, consider this organization for a donation. Breast Cancer Research Foundation Cars To Cure Breast Cancer accepts donated vehicles and either recycle or auction them off and use the earned proceeds to benefit The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. All donations help to fund breast cancer research so that we can one day see a cure for breast cancer. A third option is Vehicles for Veterans. The car donation charity benefits local veterans.

Compact Disks

Don't throw out old, damaged or unwanted CD's. Send them to the following locations to be recycled:

  • Plastic Recycling
    2015 South Pennsylvania
    Indianapolis, IN 46225
    Phone: 317-780-6100
  • Digital Audio Disk Corporation
    Attn: Disc Recycling Program
    1800 Fruitridge Avenue
    Terre Haute, IN 47804-1788
    Phone: 812-462-8323
  • NESAR Systems
    420 Ashwood Road
    Darlington, PA 16115
    Phone: 724-827-8172
  • Data Management Service
    99 Mulberry Street
    Terre Haute, IN 47807

Cell Phones

The nonprofit organization Keep California Beautiful, Inc. (KBC) refurbishes old cell phones for third world countries. Send or drop off your old cell phones or PCS hand carry phones at:

  • Keep California Beautiful
    3914 Murphy Canyon Road
    Suite A-218
    San Diego, CA 92123
    Phone: 800-CLEAN CA

Computers & Electronics

View information on how to recycle your computers and electronics online.

Cooking Oil

The companies listed below will recycle used cooking oil for businesses (restaurants, markets, delis, bakeries):

  • Baker Commodities, Inc.
    Phone: 800-427-0696
  • JR Commodities
    Phone: 323-997-9602
  • Darling International
    Phone: 800-914-1221
  • One More Time, Inc.
    Phone: 800-624-5504

You will receive a covered bin. Your bin will be emptied as often as necessary. Different sized bins are available from 55-gallon drums to bins that can hold up to 1,800 lbs. of used cooking oil. Several businesses can share one bin to save space. The service is typically free of charge. The value of used cooking oil changes periodically and the collection company can charge a fee. Alternatively, if the used cooking oil value goes up, the collection company can pay the restaurant for its used cooking oil.

Household Hazardous Waste

View more information on how to recycle your household hazardous waste online.

Milk Jugs

For a listing of locations that you can take empty milk jugs and other items made from the plastic known as HDPE, view this document (PDF) online. Items made from HDPE are identified by a number 2 inside the recycling triangle that is located on the bottom of the container.

Motor Oil

To recycle your old motor oil, please visit this page online.


View a document about recycling newspaper (PDF) online.


If you have paint to dispose of, please view the guidelines online.


Sharps need to be disposed of properly so read online on how to do so.

Tennis Shoes

Nike has a shoe recycling program. Old tennis shoes are remade into environment-friendly field turf, sports flooring, rebound ace, and Atlas track and tennis. Mail your old tennis shoes to:

  • Nike Recycling Center
    c/o Reuse-a-Shoe
    26755 SW 95th Avenue
    Wilsonville, OR 97070


The County of Los Angeles Public Works Department holds free tire recycling events in order to help the community recycle used passenger tires and subsequently, contribute to beautifying residential areas. View Tire Amnesty information online.

Tire Amnesty events will be held every other month from February through October each year. While event locations change, all are held in Los Angeles County with a large event held in Antelope Valley. On average, the events collect 2,000-4,000 used tires during the regular events and more than 18,000 tires during the large Antelope Valley event.