What is our source of water?
The City of Monterey Park Water System receives its water supply from one source - local groundwater. The water is produced by 12 City-owned wells with a total capacity of 20 million gallons per day (mgd). The wells reach a depth of up to 1,800 feet and are located in the vicinity of the Rio Hondo, which is outside the city limits and in the Main San Gabriel groundwater basin. Water from our deep wells is of excellent quality and requires little or no treatment. The Monterey Park Water System supplies an average of 10 mgd to its customers.

On average, about 65% of the water used each year is supplied from local rainfall; the other 35% is imported from northern California and then percolated into the groundwater aquifers. The water is imported for us by the San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District, a public agency, and of which the City of Monterey Park is a member.

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