Where can I park recreational vehicles, boats and trailers in a residential area?

Parking Recreational Vehicle Parking, Boat and Boat Trailer is permitted in the R-1 Zone property, subject to the following limitations:

    (A)   Parked in an enclosed garage; or in the side yard, rear yard or driveway. If parked on the driveway, the vehicle or item must remain out of the front yard setback and be placed so as not to obstruct the operation of the garage door for access of at least one vehicle to be parked in the garage.

    (B)   Parked on a hard-surfaced area such as asphalt or concrete.

    (C)   On the lot, parked perpendicular to the street.

    (D)   Cannot extend over the public sidewalk or any lawn or landscaped area.

    (E)   Cannot be used for temporary or permanent housing purposes longer than twenty-four (24) hours.

    (F)    Cannot be connected to sewer lines, water lines or electricity except temporarily for charging batteries and other temporary hook-up facilities not lasting more than twenty-four (24) hours; and provided, that all such connections must comply with applicable State law and the electrical code.

    (G)   Cannot be used for storage of food, materials or equipment other than those items considered to be a part of the unit for its use. (Ord. 2097 § 3, 2013)

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