Can you operate a business in your home?

Yes it is allowed, with approval from the City for a Home Occupation Permit.  

Home occupations are permitted in the R-1, R-2, and R-3 Zones subject to obtaining a Home Occupation permit from the Planning Division.

Permitted Home Occupations. The following businesses are permitted with a valid Home Occupation permit:

(a) Office use;

(b) Mail ordering;

(c) Home crafts such as model making, basket weaving.

Home Occupations Prohibited. Permitted home occupations may not in any event be deemed to include the following:

(a) Auto repair;

(b) Barber shop or beauty salon;

(c) Carpentry work;

(d) Dance instructions;

(e) Funeral chapel or funeral home;

(f) Gift shop;

(g) Medical or dental offices, labs, clinics, or hospitals;

(h) Auto, boat and trailer painting;

(i) Photo studio;

(j) Private schools;

(k) Renting of equipment and/or trailers;

(l) Appliance repairs;

(m) Eating establishment;

(n) Kennel;

(o) Tailors, dressmakers, upholstery;

(p) Service uses, personal and professional;

(q) Such other uses that may generate excessive pedestrian or vehicle traffic and that may be obnoxious or a nuisance to adjacent residents such as noise, odor, or appearance as determined by the City Planner, or that violate the use limitations provided in subsection (5) of this section.

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