Volunteer Opportunities at City Hall

Volunteer Program

Started in the mid-1980s, the city enjoys a well-established community volunteer program, which provides improved or additional city services at no cost to taxpayers. The program has greatly assisted the city in maintaining and expanding city services as well as providing innovative and progressive activities to meet the needs of the community. Volunteers of various ages are frequently called upon to staff special events and beautification days.

Program Divisions

Volunteers are placed in city departments to aid staff as needed. The program is divided into three areas:

  • Community Volunteers
  • Fire Reserves
  • Police Reserves.

Volunteer Participation

Volunteers contribute over 30,000 hours in the Community Participation Program alone. Each year a volunteer recognition event is held to honor those who have donated their skills and time in various areas of Monterey Park city government.

Volunteers are the heart of Monterey Park. Please come join us. Area residents are invited to take part in the program.

For information on how to volunteer, please email or phone 626-307-1388.